Weight loss program giant Nutrimost is suing Healthy Living in Federal Court over a video that was stolen off the Nutrimost website. The promotional video stolen was placed on the website can’tlosediet.com, a website run by rival Healthy Living.

On the video that was played by Healthy Living, any reference to Nutrimost was deliberately deleted, and new references were made for Healthy Living, calling it the “Can’t Lose Diet”. Customer testimonials that belonged to Nutrimost, as well as comments from the author of the weight loss program, Dr. Ray Wisniewski, were included in the pirated video.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video.

Both videos have identical content in their videos, except for the program references. Both diets are said to be totally safe and monitored by doctors, and there is no surgery involved. Each video also states that a person using the program will not feel hungry, need exercise, or use any drugs or hormones. There are no prepackaged meals either. The programs also make the claim that 25 to 45 lbs of fat can be lost in as little as 40 days.

Healthy Living ignored a cease-and-desist order by the courts by still playing the stolen video, although it was modified by being shorter than the original.

It looks as if the stolen video is off Healthy Living’s website for the time being, and Nutrimost is wanting the courts to make that permanent. In addition, they want Healthy Living to pay at least $300,000 in damages.

Nutrimost has the most advanced weight loss program on the market. A person can lose up to 40 lbs of fat in as little as 40 days. It’s safe, and it is actively monitored my medical professionals.

There is no hunger, and no exercise. There is no use of drugs on this program, and no prepackaged meals.

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Although co-working spaces have been encouraged by the need to minimize expenditures, recent studies have shown that employees thrive better in these spaces than in traditional one person per office environment. According to the information released by researchers who for many years have been studying how employees thrive, workers from shared working spaces scored 6 on a 7-point scale. On the other hand, workers working from regular offices scored 5 on the same research. Below are the reasons for this result.

Firsts, employees in co-working spaces see their work as meaningful. In most of these setups, employees usually work for different companies or do completely different tasks. This eliminates competition and internal politics that are in regular offices. The uniqueness of one’s job also gives him or her stronger identity and grows his or her love for the job. Additionally, these workers tend to help each other since they are not in direct competition and the physical distance between them is minimal.
These workers also enjoy more job control. Unlike regular offices where one can only work during business hours, co-working spaces are usually accessible 24/7. This enables an individual to spend adequate time on his or her assignments to ensure they are done perfectly. Moreover, one can take a break at any time and come back later to put in the hours that he or she lost. In addition, most of these workers can work from home without suffering any penalties. This information was originally reported on Harvard Business Review as posited in the following link https://hbr.org/2015/05/why-people-thrive-in-coworking-spaces.

Workers in co-working spaces have a feeling of belonging to a community. Unlike working from home or at regular offices, co-working spaces help individuals to connect and form a sense of belonging. These connections help the workers to improve in both their careers and personal lives. Being part of a community also helps one in staying focused and delivering on their mandates. This way, employees avoid slacking associated with individuals working from regular offices or at home.

About Workville NYC

Workville NYC is an example of a company that offers New York shared office space. The company is proud to provide its clients with luxurious co-working spaces at affordable rates. The firm is located right next to the Times Square and can be accessed by various means of transport from any point in the city.
The co-working spaces offered by the company are move-in ready and consist of shared offices, open desks and regular offices for those who love privacy. There are also meeting rooms where clients can hold meetings at just a moment’s notice. Besides, there is a café, three outdoor terraces and a lounge area for members to enjoy their breaks.

Lake Tahoe attracts visitors from around the global annually, and for good reason. It is home to all four seasons which allows for plenty of summer and winter activities to enjoy. One of the best activities to do at Lake Tahoe? Skiing! If a visit here is on your horizons, here are a few of the best ski resorts to be found at Lake Tahoe.

Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows
Looking to catch a glimpse of Lake Tahoe from a beautiful 8,200 feet? Head up to Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows for a day of skiing at one of the most beautiful resorts the mountains have to offer. With a ton of summer activities, it’s a year-round destination for family fun and has some of the best snow to enjoy come winter time.

As a destination resort at http://squawalpine.com, Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows are one of the top visited resorts at Tahoe South. The exceptional backcountry skiing really draws in outdoor enthusiasts to explore and enjoy the hidden treasures at Lake Tahoe. Check out their awesome prices and luxury ski lodge and get the most out of your Lake Tahoe skiing trip.

Mt. Rose
If you are looking for a great backcountry skiing adventure, check out Mt. Rose at Tahoe South. It’s a great place for those who want to combine adventure with dining and other fun experiences like tubing, shopping, sledding and more. You won’t want to miss out on the great resort options either. With plenty to see and do at Mt. Rose, this is another great choice for those looking to enjoy Lake Tahoe in the colder months.

Kirkwood is another great South Tahoe skiing destination, and for many years has been hailed as one of the best resorts at Lake Tahoe. Head up and enjoy a day full of skiing and tubing, hit the shops, and enjoy a mouth watering dinner at one of the spectacular restaurants all centrally located to Kirkwood at South Tahoe. It really takes your Lake Tahoe experience up a couple of notches.

Many people think of visiting during the summer months when they think of Lake Tahoe, but you should definitely take advantage of all that Lake Tahoe has to offer during the winter. Lake Tahoe skiing is some of the best in the country and has a ton of centrally located California ski resorts.

Toulouse, France native chef Patrick Ponsaty is making his mark in San Diego. He is the guiding force behind two of the area’s best restaurants. After making scrumptious dishes that drew people that enjoy fine dining to Bellamy’s Restaurant, he has now taken the helm at The Ranch at Brandy Canyon. Within a few months he will transform it into an event space with some of the best French food in California.

This is a safe bet because Ponsaty is one of only 10 chefs in the state that has earned the prestigious designation of Meilleurs Ouvrier de France. His warm, understated personality and gastronomic masterpieces will soon make the Escondido-based French restaurant a favored dining destination.

Chef Ponsaty and world-renowned entrepreneur Brian Bonar have joined forces on a project that local and regional foodies are sure to embrace. Chef Ponsaty has the magic touch when it comes to French cooking and his skill, imagination, and creativity have already begun to make The Ranch at Brandy Canyon the new frontier for fine dining in San Diego.

The peaceful atmosphere, farm-driven menu, and vintage Armagnac offered inside the gorgeous 1880s adobe structure is like a slice of heaven in a manic, frantic, fast-food world. It’s the perfect place to share a meal with people you love.

The pairing of legendary chef Patrick Pontasy and businessman extraordinaire Brian Bonar is an auspicious partnership. While Chef Pontasy has wowed diners and influenced a generation of fantastic chefs, Brian Bonar has been busy building successful business worldwide.

Dr. Brian Bonar earned an MBA and a PhD in International Business Development Studies at England’s Stafford University. His work building businesses and satisfying customers was so impressive and well-received, he was given the honorary title of Lord Bonar of Wilcrick.

But that was just the beginning for this versatile, visionary entrepreneur. He has since gone on to build prosperous businesses on 4 continents and make an indelible mark in the financial services, marketing, insurance, and PEO industries.

Some of the many successful companies Bonar founded or in which he held executive positions include Dalrada Financial Corporation, The Solvis Group, AMS Outsourcing, Allegiant Professional, Warning Management Corporation, Trucept Inc., and STTN. All of this after 18 years with IBM in Asia, Europe, and the United States.

Now Brian Bonar has begun to bring his considerable experience, business acumen, and financial expertise to his foray into the restaurant business. First with Bellamy’s Restaurant and now with The Ranch at Brandy Canyon, he has found a niche and a growing market for high-quality French food. Learn more about Brian Bonar: http://people.equilar.com/bio/brian-bonar-trucept–inc./salary/47020

Working in concert with the amazing chef Patrick Pontacy, Bonar is providing excellent options for people in Southern California that appreciate an incredible dining experience.

Owing to the excessively high temperatures being experienced this summer, a Nevada based AC company has come up with an initiative, which will ensure the wellbeing of pets is guaranteed. Goettl Air Conditioning has proposed a raft of measures, which can go a long way in shielding pets from the effects of high summer temperatures.

Goettl advises Nevada residents to keep their animals away from pavements and other hot surfaces. Hot surfaces can burn the animal’s paws, thus exposing them to infections. In line with this, pet owners should only take their animals for walks early in the morning or late in the evening when the weather is cool.

The application of pet sunscreen to animals that have short fur is advisable since such pets are vulnerable to sunburn. The sunscreen ought to be applied at least half an hour before any outdoor activities. In addition, the animals should be regularly groomed to prevent them from getting affected by high temperature.

Pet owners can also ensure the safety of their animals by keeping them cool. In line with this, the animals should be provided with cool drinking water and sheds to shield them from excess sunshine. This greatly helps in preventing dehydration. Excess summer heat often causes antifreeze leakages. More often than less, sweet tasting puddles are formed under cars. Pets should be kept from leaking antifreeze since it is harmful.

The firm was founded by Adam and Gust Goettl in the 1930’s. It was introduced in the state of Nevada in 1968. Four decades later, it was forced to wound up its operations in Nevada following the economic crunch. Ken Goodrich acquired the firm in 2013 and set it on a path of recovery. Three years later, he re-introduced it to the Las Vegas Valley. Despite its relatively short existence in the market, it is already competing favorably against more established competitors.



Goettl Air Conditioning Provides Tips for Protecting Pets from the Heat



There are tons of good ski resorts in the Lake Tahoe area. Some of them are ranked among the best in regards to terrain park, some are ranked best in all mountain terrain, some are ranked the best in regards of being family friendly, and some are ranked best in regards to nightlife. However, there are a handful that are ranked the best overall. They are best in all areas overall, and they are as follows:

1. Heavenly Mountain– this ski resort is located on Lake Tahoe’s south shore. And with all their tons of their finest features and offerings, one can see why they are rated at number one. They have expansive network of lifts, beautiful scenic views, a great array of terrain and snowmaking, and a variety of nightlife and entertainment- just to name a few. This ski resort is the regions’ largest ski area.

2. Squaw Valley – Alpine Meadows– These are some of the best ski resorts in the world. Together they span over 6,000 ski areas. Other features of Squaw/Alpine include art galleries, boutiques, bars, approximately 60 restaurants, 270 trails, and 42 lifts.

3. Kirkwood– this ski resort is opened year round, and it’s on the south of Lake Tahoe of California along the Sierra Crest that’s within Eldorado National Forest. Along with great views of the mountains and abundant snowfall every season, chutes and expert lines, and everything in between are offered here.

4. Northstar California– with more than 3,000 acres of skiable terrain, this ski resort is located on Lake Tahoe’s north shore. Tons of high end shopping, dining, and accommodations are provided here within this laid back atmosphere. Northstar also has amazing terrain parks, a 22 FT superpipe, various terrain types, and extraordinary tree skiing.

5. Sierra-at-Tahoe– in business since 1946, this ski resort has grown into being one of the largest resorts in Lake Tahoe. They provide tons of lodging, private lessons, snowboard & ski group, six bars, eight food outlets, 14 chairlifts, and five backcountry access gates that goes to the Huckleberry Canyon.


About Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows Ski Resorts

In addition to what’s already mentioned above, Squaw Valley’s legacy has been maintained since they hosted the 1960 Winter Olympics. People just love the energy of the mountain and ski culture. And this energy leads to great outdoor adventure as one peruse the translucent waters and the iconic Sierra Mountain Resort’s slopes.

The Alpine Meadows is tucked between Tahoe City and Truckee. With a quick shuttle ride away from Squaw Valley, one is lead to a great wonderland for thrill seeks and families alike. And their hospitality and Chalet-style lodges are more than anyone can ask for.

The internet is nearly everything in today’s society. The net is the first place that people turn to for information about any given product. People know they can often trust what they happen to read on the net. Savvy companies and officials today have realized that it is imperative for them to make sure that any information about them on the net is accurate. It is not always easy for a given company to know how to respond to criticism and help correct such information. In that case, it can be very useful to work with a company that specializes in such work. A company can help any business make sure their hard earned reputation for great service isn’t torpedoed by criticism that is not true.

Working With a Personal Reputation Management Service

As an article in Business News Daily points out, there are steps that can be taken in order to help provide the kind of assistance that companies need to cope with such problems. The article points out that the right company is everything. Having a company on their side that can be of use is essential. A company of this kind can help any company take back their rep by using various types of media well. In many cases, company officials know exactly how to use existing social media to provide the kind of assistance that a company or a person needs to bring back their reputation and help them establish outposts where customers can find truthful info.

Better Reputation

A company such as Better Reputation allows for clients to figure out how best to confront a problem they may have confronted and work past it. Their professional staffers are media experts with years of experience in the field of reputation management. They know how to move past inaccurate reviews that are less than ideal and create a more accurate impression. This is one of many reasons why so many individuals and business leaders have turned to them for help. Such help has been invaluable for their clients who rely on them for skilled and insightful assistance.

Actress and designer Kate Hudson has inspired many women internationally to get fit and enjoy their beauty. She claims that she has been disenchanted with how the fashion industry make deluxe active wear too expensive for most people. So in 2013, Kate Hudson decided to launch Fabletics with a partner. This company offers quality active wear for people who want high-fashion on a budget.

The Fabletics website offers customers a broad range of stylish outfits. All customers have to do is place their order and it will be shipped to their house. The brand gets high reviews for being luxurious and economical at the same time.

Fabletics has a VIP program which provides special discounts to customers. Everyone also has the option of joining their loyalty club, which offers rewards after so many purchases. After a great success with the line for women, the company has also rolled out lines for men and children.

Recently, Hudson sat down for an online interview with Marie Claire magazine at http://www.marieclaire.com/fashion/news/a19566/kate-hudson-fabletics-interview/, where she talked about Fabletic’s new line of athleisure dresses for the spring. She talked about a classic black dress that is part of the collection. Hudson notes that like so many of these new outfits, it can go quickly from casual to dressy. Some of the dresses have built in bras and support; so wearing Spanx with them is not necessary.

She mentions that some of the bikini tops in the spring line can also be sports bras. The swimwear is durable enough to double as exercise clothes. Fabletics wants to offer clothes that are chic and comfortable to their customers, she says. It is the company’s main goal.

Some designers may have high-fashion leisure wear, says Hudson, but Fabletics has managed to keep it affordable. They do this with their sales model of direct-to-the-customer marketing. Fabletics continues to do a high volume of sales to their many satisfied customers.
 Source: http://www.fabletics.com/how-it-works

Las Vegas is known for its hot days and cool nights. Most people who use this clichéd phrase do not even think about the state’s desert climate. They’re thinking about shows at the casinos and the wild times to be had throughout the city. One newcomer to Las Vegas intends to keep people cool in a far more literal sense. Kenneth Goodrich bought Goetti in 2013 and he is moving the company to Vegas.

Why did Goodrich choose sin city? It’s not that he believes he is gambling on the move or the company. In fact, it is hard to find someone more level-headed when it came to the purchase of the air conditioning giant. This level-headedness should serve him well as he works with the 50 HVAC technicians he plans to employ.

Goodrich remembers a night in Las Vegas with his father. He was ten years old, and he want out with his father on a service call. A neighbor’s central air conditioning unit had broken down and the older Goodrich responded right away. As his son held the flashlight for him, the older Goodrich spoke two sentences that his son would never forget. Those sentences were when someone needs help, you respond right away, and always do the right thing.

These words have stuck with him since that incident in the Las Vegas desert. Goodrich does not plan on shirking his responsibilities to his customers or to his employees. Customers know that Goettl repair technicians will be there right away when Goetti technicians receive a service call. Employees know that they will always be sent out with the tools and the knowledge needed to get the job done.

Being a strong supporter of education causes and an avid aviator, Dick DeVos established a tuition-free West Michigan Aviation Academy back in 2010. The school is strategically positioned at the Grounds of Gerald R. Ford International Airport. Apart from flying courses, the charter school offers a platform for students to develop professional careers in science, engineering, mathematics, and technology. The school has managed to uphold character values such as honesty, accountability, and respect.

Humble start to fast growth

The aviation academy was officially opened in 2010 with 80 students. The students were taught in a 25,000 sq. FT building located on the airport ground. However, the plans for future expansion were still underway. As of 2012-2013, the school had more than 240 freshmen, juniors, and sophomores. Additionally, the academy had constructed a 42,500 sq. FT building that can comfortably host 500 students.

Life changing deal

Graduates of West Michigan Aviation Academy can afford a smile after the school signed an agreement with Northwestern Michigan College, which will see them receive eight credits immediately after registering at the college. The credits will serve as a confirmation of completing aviation maintenance courses similar to those offered by Northwestern Michigan College.

About Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos has held several executive positions at established companies such as Orlando Magic, Amway, and The Windquest group. He completed his high school studies at the Forest Hills. Even at a tender age, DeVos handled minor roles at Amway International. As DeVos matured, he was given serious tasks such as providing product description. Immediately after graduating with a business administration degree from Northwood University, DeVos was employed by Amway Corporation. He held a position in several divisions such as manufacturing, sales, development and research, manufacturing, and finance.

From 1993 to 2002, DeVos served as the president of Amway and he was responsible for overseeing operations of the firm in 50 countries across the world. During his tenure, Amway registered sales of $4.5 billion. Before assuming the presidency, he served as Amway’s Vice President and managed the operations of the firms in 18 countries. After his family acquired Orlando Magic, DeVos was tasked with the responsibility of managing it, a position he held for a span of three years.