Fiting in the Shoes of Legendary, Michael Jackson

When it comes to pop music, Michael Jackson remains the undisputed legend. Since his demise in the year 2009, several individuals have tried to fit into his shoes. His fans were left with unending thirst for his magical moves and lyrics. The desire to keep his loyal fans with his memories, individuals have worked day and night to impersonate him. This to some has become a full time job.

When we talk of an impersonator, we are referring to people who try to be, act and behave like others. This could be through surgery or even makeup, which brings about physical similarities. Overall, these people have made major steps in being successful in their quest. Some of these individuals were initially die-hard fans of the legend of pop, Michael Jackson or his admirers. After his death, they have been putting up performances just to imitate him. It has been through singing some of his great hits, using his choreographed moves as well as meeting up with his fans. To some extent, some have been able to impersonate his skin color with phases.

Among the many who have tried their luck, living in the shoes of Michael Jackson is Sergio Cortes. Cortes was born in Spain in the city of Barcelona in the year 1971. He has gathered fame from his impersonation to Michael Jackson allover Brazil. From it, he has managed to have a huge fan base especially from destiny projects, which is a company that specializes in managing upcoming artists. He is recognized by the company as the closest to impersonate Michael Jackson up to date.

His physicality is very similar to that of Michael Jackson. His voice as well closely resembles that of MJ. He has made his impersonation to be almost perfect. Their comparison is almost identical. If both performed live, you could easily be spoilt of choice of who is the real MJ.

Cortes’s career began from teenage. He became known in 2012 after his tribute show, which was performed in Madrid. He received much praise and many commended him for his work. Some said if MJ was alive, would be very proud of him. He has gone a step ahead to redo some of MJ’s videos such as smooth criminal and Thriller. After his spotlight, he has performed most of MJ’s songs, which are much appreciated by Michael Jackson’s fans.

The Safety Of A Gold Investment

With all of the news stories of fraud, market fluctuations and civil unrest in the world, it is difficult for an investor to know where he or she can truly find a safe investment. However, gold, and other precious metals, have been providing investors with a safe and secure investment opportunity for thousands of years. Through wars, epidemics, economic depressions and catastrophes, gold has continued to hold value and protect the financial interests of both historic and modern investors.

An investment in physical gold can help investors to have peace of mind that their investment will not be destroyed by market forces outside of their control. For example, irrational buying and fraud can result in stocks, real estate or other investments being valued well beyond their real worth. This overvaluation can result in a bubble that can burst and wipe out an investor’s nest egg in a matter of weeks, days or even hours. While the value of gold does change somewhat over time, gold holds its value better than most other investments. And as added measure of peace of mind, gold has never become worthless over the thousands of years that is has been used as a store of value.

In addition to its other safe attributes, physical holdings of gold do not need to be held away from an investor. For example, stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other investments are held by an investment company for an investor. However, thieves both inside and outside of the company can steal these investments without the investor knowing. With physical gold, an investor can keep the gold in his or her home, safe deposit box or other location. The investor who owns physical gold can inspect the gold whenever he or she would like to see it. The ability to hold gold provides a substantial amount of peace of mind to many investors.

The US Money Reserve sells only the highest quality coins and bars minted by the governments of the United States, Canada and other developed countries as well as other trusted sources. These gold products provide the buyer with an assurance of the weight and content of the coins, further providing for the safety of the investment. Coins from trusted government mints are also easy to sell as secondary buyers can quickly determine the gold content and value of the coins.

Flying Down The Slopes In 2015

The 2015 weather forecast predicts that it’s going to be an awesome winter for skiing. With above average snowfalls predicted, it’s probably a good time to get the gear polished up and ready for the season. This year, why not go someplace new and exciting that you have never been? About three years ago, my wife and I decided that we were going to go around the country visiting numerous ski resorts. We typically go to Vail every year, but we wanted to see the world, or at least our country.

Our journies lead us to Vermont, Maine and California. Now, most people think of California as a place to surf and lay on the beaches, but actually this state has a wide variation of weather and it’s all within a short commute from the central action. One of our best experiences at a ski resort was found at the Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows ski resorts. We were so impressed with how clean these parks were. They are close together and owned by the same person, so you can utilize them both. By far my favorite part of the journey wasn’t the skiing, although that was great, it was the Aerial Tram.

These parks are located in the Lake Tahoe district, so let’s just say the views are nothing short of spectacular. Riding across that Aerial Tram was the highlight. I will never see views like that in my life again. If you’ve never been dog sledding, you simply must try that too. I watch it on TV but seeing it in person was fascinating. Children under 4 are free at most of the attractions, and the park is extremely family oriented. Perhaps that is because the CEO, Andy Wirth, it a family oriented guy. He has three children and spends his life in dedication to ensuring that children of all walks of life are taken care of.

He’s often dubbed as the skydiving CEO that cheated death because he lost an arm and a few days in the hospital, but they fixed his arm and charged his spirit. It seems that his life took a drastic change that day. The German now lives near the resorts he is over in Olympic Valley, CA. He’s been on shows like Undercover Boss and had many documentaries about his accident and brush with death. He is considered to be disabled because of the loss of function in his arm, but that doesn’t stop him in any way.

When you’re traveling around the globe skiing and seeing the sites, stop by and see this fantastic area and the immense activities that can keep your family enthralled.

Andrew Wirth: Making Skiing The Best Part Of Winter

Winter is coming up soon, that is, the snow is coming! If you like staying indoors, you are going to need a lot of blankets and entertainment but for the other bunch, you can finally ski. If you are a beginner, you can finally get to learn and impress your friends by the time winter is coming to an end. There are a number of applications that are available to help you transition seamlessly into “skiing” shape. They include SkiFit, which provides you with a couple of exercises to prevent injury, Alert5 which will help you out if you find yourself in an emergency and OnTheSnow which provides a catalog of information on popular resorts and even the weather. Some of the best resorts at the moment are operated by the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings; they are Squaw Valley ski resort and the Alpine Meadows Ski Resort.

Andrew Wirth was born in 1963 and is the CEO and President of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. He graduated from the university of Colorado State with a Bachelors degree in Science and then went on to study at Edinburgh University. Early on, he worked as a ranger in several parks and wilderness areas. His career in the skiing industry started when he joined Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation for his internship. He went on to be fully employed there and for the most part, worked in the marketing department. He got his big break when he became the VP of sales and marketing and the CMO at Intrawest after it bought Steamboat in 2007.

During his time at Steamboat, Wirth was involved in a number of causes and founded a number of programmes. He founded the Mountain Village Partnership, which supported small businesses and was the chairman of its board of directors. He was also the Chairman of the board at a winter sports club within Steamboat. Five years ago, he was appointed as the CEO of Squawk Valley ski resort and brought on major changes to the company. He improved and revamped the resort transforming it into one of the top resorts in the country. A year later, the resort merged with Alpine Meadows Ski Resort and the two are managed by Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. Mr. Wirth is also heavily involved in philanthropy and has won a number of awards for the charity work he has done. He has volunteered as a fireman and has been a part of nonprofit organizations.