Sergio Cortes visited Xerem recently. During the visit, the government promised to create a Hydration Center for Dengue fever victims with a capacity to serve over 300 people per day.


The area has had a problem with garbage disposal which has now been aggravated by water contamination and overcrowding. This factor tremendously increases the chances for quick spread of water-borne diseases such as leptospirosis, diarrhea, and hepatitis A. Congestion can lead to the spread of chicken pox and meningitis as noted by Secretary Sergio Cortes.


The Health Department (SES) has been taking all measures to stop the spread of these diseases. The government has promised to support the municipal leadership in dealing with the garbage problem. When the Dr.Sergio met with Camillo Junquiera and Conceicao Mendonca, who are responsible for the municipal health department and coordinating National Health Taskforce respectively. They decided to work towards giving a calamity kit to the region of Caxias and over 3000 antibiotic tablets to deal with leptospirosis disease.


Government at both levels local and national, are prepared for the worst but hoping for the best. The residents have been getting training in ways to identify symptoms of diseases early to avert outbreaks. Medical teams on the ground tested the drinking water and found high levels of contaminants in the drinking water. In disinfecting the water, the area residents have been supplied with over 10000 bottles of a disinfecting solution called sodium hypochlorite which kills germs.


The Xerem area experiences these calamities more often than other regions due to its unsuitable topography. The government is urging the area residents who have been displaced and are now living in shelters together with those who are in their homes to use bottled water for drinking and for preparing food. The government is determined to educate and sensitize the area residents as preventions are always better than cure.

Cortes visit is welcomed and is a show of solidarity with many residents of Xerem. He is urging well-wishers who would like to donate food and shelter to the flood victims not to forget to give bottled drinking water. Dr.Sergio Cortes is a widely renowned  doctor and a graduate of Harvard Business School.
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Securus Technologies, a leading technology and services provider to the criminal justice system, has been raising rather substantial contributions for United Way Campaign.

Originally, the company started raising donations back in 2008, and has been continuing to do since then. While in 2008, the company’s associates had raised over $30,000, in 2015 the contributions neared $350,000.

That’s a tremendous rise and a sign of a company that takes social responsibilities seriously.

United Way seeks to improve the lives through lasting changes on education, income, and health. Their focus is on community-centered solutions to improve the lives of many individuals. Other assistance includes providing books for children who need them as well as disaster relief.

The United Way has spent over $90 million over the past four years while assisting more than two million North Texas residents. The funds raised by Securus Technologies have been of great help and made a difference.

Among these two million who received assistance, over 120 thousand have been put on path to financial stability, over half a million received help with the basic needs, 740,000 students were provided with assistance after high school, and over 600,000 individuals were put on the road to improved health.

Securus serves nearly 3,500 public safety, law enforcement, and correctional facilities and is responsible for over 1.2 million inmates in the United States. The company provides emergency and incident services, investigations, biometric analysis, information management, and inmate self-service to correctional facilities. The company is based in Dallas, Texas.

Though they specialize in all inmate communication services, Securus started out as an inmate phone calls system that has since branched into other products. Their video visitation software is probably the most notable amongst their services. This software allows inmates to communicate with their family via an at-home visitation service that is perfect for those that live and cannot commute long distances away from their incarcerated loved ones. The app is free to download and has fantastic reviews thanks to the incredible technology behind it. If you have any trouble installing any of their software, call Securus customer service department to get answers to any of your questions.

You may remember Jon Urbana, of Denver Colorado, from our article last month. He is a man of many interests, to put it mildly. Business, lacrosse, flying, recording music and editing video are just the tip.

By day, Urbana is the Head of Business Development for Ellipse USA, where he directs the business operations in regards to awareness for their proprietary laser technology, and oversees all the marketing material.

If that’s not enough, Urbana is also a co-founder and coach of the Next Level Lacrosse Camp. This skills-based camp provides personalized instruction and draws youth from all over the Colorado area to come for the best tutoring in proper lacrosse skills and techniques.

Urbana refined his lacrosse skill while earning his economics B.A. at Villanova University, where he was an NCAA Division 1 All-American, as well as a CAA Defensive Player of the Year and on the Tewaaraton Award Watchlist.

But Jon Urbana’s real passion is flying, and he recently received his Federal Aviation Administration’s Airmen Certification, License number A5119166. This prestigious database includes only the most skilled and vetted pilots, and can be found at

Certified pilots need to meet highly selective educational, medical, and licensing standards set by the FAA. This standards are formulated with the needs and interests of both the aviation industry and the public, and the United States has some of the highest such standards in the world. Official recommendation is that one never enter a craft piloted by anyone not certified by the FAA, and that now no longer precludes Jon Urbana (Facebook). It’s why he also launched a GoFundMe campaign in partnership with Earth Force, which got its share of supporters in many forms, including some incredible reviews at Yahoo Answers.

When back on the ground, Urbana can be found releasing new music on MTV to his ever-growing list of fans at Sound Cloud, which he often accompanies with a music video he makes himself. Videography he realized is also a passion of his, which he discovered while developing his long-standing interest in photography.

The earth, a camera, and one woman's incredible artistry.

These interests are often on display on Urbana’s Vimeo page, which he links to often from his very active Instagram and Twitter feed (@jonurbana1). Using social media to share his acheivements allows Urbana a direct line to interact with fans who have viewed his material and hear unfiltered feedback on his art.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force, A New Fundraiser from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Did I have fun in London? Well, you could say I had a great time, but what was even better is how easy it was to book the place that we stayed. We stayed in this beautiful two bedroom apartment. It was stylish, and we felt like we were living like a king and queen in the lap of luxury. It was exactly like it was pictured on the website. World Escape London made it easy to find, pick and choose which apartment we stayed at in London. I was surprised how easy it was because I’ve done this before on other sites, and I was annoyed by some things that those other sites did, but WorldEscape was a pleasure to use in booking the apartment. I would recommend them to anyone who visits London.

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This site is one that I recommend to anyone who is visiting London and needs a place to stay. It was a lovely place, and the neighborhood treated us right, so I’m sure we will use the site again for our next visit to London. I love the way that World Escape London’s site layout makes it easy to find exactly what you are looking for every time. I never felt pressured by any sales person. I’m surely grateful for this wonderful vacation experience I found.

The cosmetics startup LimeCrime has grown from operating via a well known Online marketplace to producing products and selling them from its own Website. LimeCrime became one of the world’s fastest growing cosmetics company’s on the back of using an innovative and cruelty free research and production methods, but also because of the personal way the company is marketed to the public. Although CEO and founder Doe Deere does use traditional glossy photo based marketing techniques, she also heads up the social media side of the marketing of the company in a bid to grow close relationships with each and every customer.

Doe Deere has always looked to market her products in a unique and innovative way, which she has done since the LimeCrime brand was launched as a clothing range. Deere quickly saw her attention switched to the production of makeup when she failed to find cosmetics that met her own needs in terms of personal style. After exploring how to create her own makeup the founder of the LimeCrime brand decided to market the products she created for herself and the models used to publicize her clothing brand.

The traditional marketing techniques used by the majority of the cosmetics industry include glossy images and advertisements in magazines and stores. Doe Deere did not have the budget to challenge the already established cosmetics giants so she embarked on a new era in marketing that saw her take advantage of social media and blogging opportunities. These opportunities saw Deere post images to her own social media accounts of her products and the latest marketing images she had created. Other opportunities Deere took advantage of included the chance to write blogs about how she created her products and giving a glimpse into the products that were being created.

The success of her Online marketing techniques have seen LimeCrime become a major part of the cosmetics industry, which includes the chance to enjoy a wide range of cosmetics and see exactly how the company creates some of the basic products in its range. Doe Deere has continued to blog about her products and company in a bid to raise its profile and explain the ethical way all the products are created.

When my daughter turned sixteen, I decided it was time to take her to Europe. She and her younger sister were doing very well in school so I wanted to reward them with a trip here. London was one of my favorite places on the planet when I was a kid. My mom used to take us here all the time as she had spent her youth in Scotland and London made an easy base for her to go back and visit it. So I was pretty familiar with London, at least London as it was two decades ago.

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The vacation I wanted in London was one that would allow us to see historical London as that is a passion of mine. My girls had grown up with stories from mom about the great fascination that is this part of the world and how it grew. I was eager to show them this part of the world up close. With the help of the company, I was easily able to find just the right booking for our needs, right in the center of London at a price I wanted to pay. I am so pleased I decided to work with them directly.

When we travel, we want the experience to be as memorable as possible. However, if the memories are not all that great, we’d much rather forget them. If you are planning a trip to London, why not take up an apartment rental in the city for a truly unforgettable (in the good way) stay in London? You can be at the center of it all, while enjoying the home-like qualities of an apartment rental. You can have your own kitchen and amenities not found in hotel rentals. Not to mention the extra space.
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London is one of the most popular tourist locations in the world, from it’s architecture of their most famous buildings and monuments, to the sheer beauty of the land itself. London is a great place to vacation for a wide variety of reasons. Take for example, the 97-meter tower that holds the world-famous Big Ben, the ever faithful time signal for the BBC Radio Network. Likewise, no trip to London would be complete without seeing Buckingham Palace in all it’s majesty, along with the changing of the guard. It is truly a cultural sight to behold and is not to be missed.

Instead of the predictably cramped and lackluster hotel experience, opt for the more spacious, private and comfortable apartment rentals from LondonEscape apartments. They are among the very best in the industry when it comes to their customers satisfaction. They are located right in the heart of London and can have you in just the right accommodation for your specific needs. Their customer focused approach is what keeps them in repeat customers, year-in and year-out. They know that you’ll be back again or you’ll refer a friend or both! You are their business and they know it and it shows.

Getting just the right apartment rental for you or your whole family couldn’t be easier than with LondonEscape. Every webpage makes full use of descriptions, photos, customer feedback and more. With instant booking and email confirmation, it’s as easy as it gets to book the perfect London apartment in the city. If you prefer to talk to a real live person, you can do that as well. Really, you can! Whether it’s by phone, Skype or the website’s live chat feature, you can get the service that you require. They make it a point to make you comfortable. It is they’re business to.

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A long term stay at any given city can be a great way to get to know the city well. Those who are able to take the time and explore the city in close detail are those who will be able to truly get to know it well. Someone who is able to spend at least two weeks or even longer in a given space is someone who can be reassured of having the chance to be able to see all aspects of the city without the need to worry that they do not have time to get to know it well or may have only seen a small part of it.

This is particularly true of ancient cities such as London where there is much to see and do as well as meet many people who have chosen to live here. Staying in this city for a long time allows the person to be happy, knowing they have done their best to really be part of it. When someone wants to consider staying in a place for a longer period of time, it is often a good idea to consider an apartment rental. Doing so allows them to have a larger space that is right for their longer term needs.

Those at WorldEscape understand this fact. They want their clients to be happy so they work hard to scour London and find the right kind of apartment for any traveler’s needs. They also want their travelers to be able to have the option of staying longer at a given space so they look for apartment rentals that offer just such arrangements for their guests and allow them to chance to be able to relax in an apartment that offers all kinds of important amenities such as multiple bedrooms and and up to date kitchen.

Travelers can easily use the site to help them spot the right kind of apartment for their needs and help them pick out one that will offer them the best chance to be able to have the kind of apartment that allows them to be able to stay in an ideal location for their needs as long as they want to be there. The user of such accommodations can be vital for someone who is going to be in this area for a few weeks and needs to have a company that is on their side at all times during the process of locating the best possible rental for their needs. In doing so, the traveler can rest easy as they know that someone else has done the necessary legwork for them and provided them with the best possible London apartment for their planned trip.

Jon Urbana is an athletic force to be reckoned with. As a young man he developed a passion for the game of lacrosse. His athletic prowess did not start and stop at lacrosse, like many might assume. Jon’s strength is his enduring competitive nature, which has led to the creation of a successful lacrosse camp called Next Level, and has pushed him forward towards success without letting anything stand in his way. In college he played lacrosse for the Villanova Wildcats. Jon’s LinkedIn summary states that he hand-picked the school based on the lacrosse program which is one of the best in the country, well suited to his driven personality. While he was in high school, he also played on the varsity tennis and lacrosse teams. His Crunchbase bio makes it clear that he is well known for being a consummate professional on and off the field.

Visit Jon Urbana’s official website to connect with him.

While at Villanova he majored in economics, dreaming of one day fulfilling his desire to become an entrepreneur. In addition to academics and sports he has taken an interest in flying (source: Aviation Business Gazette) and philanthropy on GoFundMe, supporting Earth Force Inc. in a major push for funds. His goal is $1750, but Urbana plans to go bigger if successful here.

He believes that when good things come to him, it is a favor he must return. He is highly active when it comes to fundraising with one of his missions on currently. He is doing all that he can to raise money for the Bright by Three charity. Bright by Three is a fantastic idea that was started by Governor Roy Romer and Brad Butler in 1995. The charity works to educate people that children learn the most in the first few years of life. It is similar to that of a head start program to give less fortunate kids a chance to excel by teaching more at a young age.

Jon helps raise funds so that all children have the same opportunities. People often come down on single parents and minimum wages workers for not providing for their children in terms of educating kids at a young age. The truth of the matter, however is that these parents are quite capable of being able to teach but lack the resources and more importantly the time, to do so. This is most likely because they work far over forty hours a week just to break even.

You can also connect with Jon Urbana in the following places:

His blog at Wordpress



Vimeo channel



Medium (@jonurbana)

Those who signed up with the extra-marital dating site Ashley Madison did so with the expectation of 100% privacy. They never foresaw the hacking of the site and the dumping of personal information onto the web. Names, addresses, and even credit card information was released onto the internet. Panic set in and people felt they had nowhere to turn. And then Darius Fisher offered a solution. The President and Co-Founder of Status Labs provided free crisis counseling to anyone who wanted it. Status Labs is an online reputation management firm that helps people whose reputation has been damaged and the circumstances surrounding that damage have been published online.

The damage does not even have to be anything as dramatic as the Ashley Madison hack. Businesses suffer bad reviews. Executives end up being connected to controversies with the companies they manage. Bad news comes in all forms. Once the Google search engine results reveal a full list of reputation-damaging items, well, anyone looking a name up on Google is going to be left with a really bad first impression. Darius Fisher and Status Labs want to address these situations.

At a public speaking engagement, Darius Fisher pointed out that people think internet reports are like newspaper articles. People just forget about them. Fisher was quick to note that Google search results are not discarded over time like a newspaper or magazine is. Those results remain unchanged until targeting work is done to make necessary changes. Expanding a social media presence, publishing articles, and developing a good website all help with these tasks. Of course, the tasks do have to be performed by experts.

Darius Fisher was recently added to the Innovation 50 list by PR Week. The list highlights those men and women who are standouts in the field of digital marketing and public relations. Clearly, Mr. Fisher possesses a lot of expertise on the subject of reputation and crisis management. He would not be on the list if he didn’t.

Interestingly, Darius Fisher’s website mentions that he has had to deal with reputation concerns himself. He suffered a split from the co-founder of Status Labs and there was some controversies between his previous company and Wikipedia. All of that is in the past now. Those past experiences allow Darius Fisher to emphasize with clients and provide exceptional service. The massive growth of Status Labs list of clients shows the company seems to be serving the needs of clients quite well.