Although the brutal winds at the Junior Day Melges Gold Cup made navigation a bit dicey, the event was a huge success. Hosted by the Lauderdale Yacht Club, the Fort Lauderdale races had three exciting races on the second day.

At the end of the day, Dick Devos’ Volpe sat atop of the leaderboard by 1 point. STIG, helmed by World Champion Alessandro Rosselli, was in second. Ranking 3-5 were Ben Schwartz on Pices; Richard Gorransson on Inga and Rick DeVos on Delta.

The day had a unusually high influx of youth sailors. The Lauderdale Yacht Club Sailing Foundation made it possible for many juniors to go up against some of the best in the world. Denver Rosso and Michael Ross were the winners of the Melges Gold Cup Regatta.

The five races were grueling, but the final leg of the fifth race was bogged with high winds and waves. Two more races will be completed by the tomorrow.

Billionaire and entrepreneur Dick DeVos loves to race boats. In fact, that one of his favorite passtimes. He is also a man of faith, and heads one of the most philanthropic families in the U.S. Until a few years ago, he was CEO of Amway. He stepped down in 2009 to run his own business ventures.

DeVos is the son of Amway co-founder Richard “Dick” DeVos. In 2006, he ran for governor of the state of Michigan as a Republican but lost to Democrat Jennifer Granholm. He is a huge proponent of school vouchers and education. He has given generous donations to many charitable organizations. Several inner-city and faith-based schools have received donations from DeVos.

George Soros has indicated that the challenges that China is facing is similar to the global financial crisis that hit the United States in the year 2007-2008. He is particularly concerned with China’s credit figures. He said this during an Asia Society in New York. He says the resemblance to the global financial crisis is brought about by how banks are giving out money needed to keep alive businesses suffering from bad debts and experiencing high loses. Soros who has being involved in a war of words on with the Chinese government maintains that a hard landing is inevitable in China. He says that China’s banking system, is facing enormous challenges by having a higher number of loans than deposits.

The instability and the rising doubt towards China banks is also brought about by the fact that banks are borrowing from each other to sustain themselves. The head of Asia Pacific Sovereigns Andrew Colquhoun is also troubled by China’s financial trend. George Soros states that the global financial world is slowly becoming less confident in the government of China. Although the growing concern towards China is evident, not all agree with this. Some say that the challenges being faced by China are being overrated. Efforts between China and the United States are a clear indication of steps towards restructuring China’s financial sector. Despite real investment growth and industrial value added growth, investors are yet to restore their confidence in China and its government.
Read more about George Soros: George Soros on China’s Economy and its Financial Sector

George Soros is the founder and current chair of Soros Fund Management and Open Society Foundations on He fled Hungary in the year 1947 for England. While in England, he joined the London School of Economics and thereafter moved to the United States. While in the United States, George Soros was able to establish an investment fund- Soros Fund Management. He has been described as a philanthropist who seeks to promote academic excellence. George Soros has worked at various well-known firms that have enabled him gain experience and be specialized in European stocks and hedge fund management. He has assisted black student to enroll at the prestigious Cape Town University.

Through Open Society Foundations, Soros has been able to advocate for human rights and transparency. Open Society was created after his success as a hedge fund manager of Double Eagle Hedge Fund. Through Open Society on, George Soros has managed to pursue his dream of open societies in different countries. As an author and writer of articles, he has been able to author different books such as the Tragedy of the European Union. His articles have made it to popular magazines and newspapers across the globe. The articles are primarily based on current issues of democracy, economics, business investments, politics, open societies, transparency and globalization.

Andy Wirth has been associated with the hotel and mountain resort sector for many years. He currently serves as the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, and he has made it one of the top winter tourist destination. Squat Valley was under the management of the Cushing family for more than 70 years before Andy Wirth became the CEO.

He took over from Nancy Cushing, who had been the CEO for 16 years. Andy Wirth masterminded a 70 million dollar upgrade of the resort that helped it to have equal standards as other skiing area competitors – Squaw Valley reconstructed its status to be in the top 20 percent of the skiing sector one year after Andy Wirth became the CEO.

Mr. Wirth is a passionate skydiver. In October 2015, as he was jumping with two friends, a complicated situation made him land in a vineyard. The pilot had used a wrong route, and they went too far from the drop zone. He had an option of either landing on a power line or the vineyard.

BloomBerg exclusively reported that While Andy Wirth was landing, a pole tore off his arm stripping all tissues from the shoulder to the forearm. He was bleeding profusely from the brachial artery in the shoulder. Wirth tried to keep calm and stop the bleeding. One of the skydivers, Amanda, heard his cries and got to him within 15 minutes. He was later transferred to hospital where he spent three months recovering.

When Wirth was discharged from the hospital, he continued participating in various actives as he used but never went back to skydiving. He met Navy Seals and made friends with them.

KCRW found out that Andy Wirth formed a relay team to participate in the Ironman 70.3 that was to happen in the town with one of the Navy Seals being a swimmer, a friend from college was a cyclist, and he was the a runner for the group. The three later formed a group called Special Warfare Warrior Support that helps seals who lost lives of limbs in war.

There has been a great turn in the world of business that is making it much easier for women to excel in corporations. Many different businesses are now focusing on programs that will help women excel in their careers like never before. Qnet is a company that is taking the advancement of women in their organization seriously. Being in the direct selling industry, Qnet has always known the importance of women in the workplace. Recent studies have shown that over 70 percent of the independent representatives in the direct selling industry are women. Qnet has realized the amazing potential of these hard working women and the impact they can have on their company’s growth. 

Qnet is very involved in helping women entrepreneurs find a very happy work-life balance. Qnet understands the need for women to nurture their families and also understands that there are women out there who want to succeed in their career while they are pursuing their professional life as well. Qnet allows independent representatives to be their own boss, set their own hours, and manage all of their own income. This allows women who are a part of the Qnet team of professionals the ability to excel not only in their career but with their families as well. 

Qnet has also been involved in helping the rights of humans all over the world. IBC News reports that Qnet has partnered with Lions Club International to bring forth a brand new dialysis unit. Qnet has a strong stance for the advancement of human rights and women’s rights. It is amazing to see the progress that Qnet has made, and it will be exciting to see the progress in the near future for this company and their advancement of human rights.

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White Shark Media is appreciative of clients’ reviews and complaints because it is through them that they are able to correct and improve their services or maintain the said services to the benefit of their clients. Earlier on clients complained that they were not communicating well enough with White Shark Media from the complaint White Shark worked hard to come up with a strategy to eliminate the communication error. They created a go-to meeting an online platform that is scheduled monthly on a large screen t share reports and ad-words accounts. And from the reviews received clients are reporting good performance from the constant communication. The company has also created direct extensions to their phone system making easy to reach the contact person all the time whether in or out of office.

Some clients complain that those old campaigns were working for them White Shark will not change all the campaigns for every person but will continue creating new campaigns from the existing ones for clients who will be fit by the new ones. White Sharks accept that their services are not the best, and they can only improve if customers are open to shout out any problem they have with their services. Some business person likes to remain in direct contact with their first contact person without being directed to other contact persons. White Shark now ensures that from the initial start to the optimization that one receives the right and referred contact person for their campaign.

Business persons have reported White Shark Media to be the best in ad word campaigns because of high sales they have recorded since they enrolled in the White Shark Media campaigns. The firm constantly receives 5 stars rating from its customers who are happy about the positive response even after experiencing challenging situations. The staffs especially have been very positive to clients, for example, a review in February 2016 of an employee Ferrer Shane, who diligently handled the clients business and personal matter very well and also handled it in time. Reviews also show how great communication in White Shark Media has become. This is an incredible proof of the development that white shark customers have made the company go through.

Clients are happy with the ad words campaign and the positive success they have brought to their businesses they even recommend White Shark Media to start SEO services because they are now of the past errors to very great services. White shark works with 200-250 employees and since the complaints are less compared to the positive reviews the employees prove to be professionals in the business. White shark appreciates complaints because they ensure that what is complained never happen again. Trusting them with ad words campaigns is the best thing that can happen to market a person’s business.

Sanjay Shah is the Talented Founder and CEO
Sanjay Shah is the founder of Solo Capital and he is also the CEO. Mr. Shah is also the owner of approximately three dozen other companies. Shah is well-versed within the financial and the investment industry. Mr. Shah is known as the British businessmen. He had become an accountant after a brief study of medicine. He had worked for several investment banks. These include the following:
* Credit Suisse
* Morgan Stanley
* Merrill Lynch
He had the idea to start Solo Capital in the year 2009. Mr. Shah has an interesting background. He is an intriguing founder and CEO. He has much experience to offer in many areas.

Boutique and Financial Services
Solo Capital is based in London. It was actually founded in September, 2011. This is an international boutique financial services. The specialties are:
* professional sports investments
* consulting
* proprietary trading

The Experienced Team at Solo Capital
Solo Capital is equipped with a very experience team of professionals. This entire team of experienced professionals are ready to provide solid solutions to each and every client. Client service exceeds expectations. The firm and the entire team have the finest reputations. This team may be viewed as esteemed experts in every aspect of the services that they provide. Integrity and solid knowledge is incorporated into the entire team. These are a group of ethical professionals who are proud to provide and to deliver superior service all across the board.

Technical Know-How Included
Solo Capital and their qualified team can offer technical know-how in the creation of relevant products and services. These prove to be ideal for the market. Throughout the years, their technical know-how has provided young investors with the ability to have large budgets. This would include those who were not able to afford it. This firm has provided help to various investors by ensuring that their business will completely stand out.

More About Sanjay Shah
Sanjay Shah is also a philanthropist in many ways. He is a compassionate human being who has given back to the community. He started the organization “Autism Rocks.” This is a cause that is in need of research and funding for those who are afflicted with autism. He has sponsored children in India for over a decade. The idea is to spread awareness of autism. There is much more to know about Sanjay Shah. He is indeed a unique founder and CEO of a successful business. He is an individual who possesses extraordinary leadership abilities along with his many skills.

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The bank BMG is a privately owned financial institution that is based in Brazil. The Pentagna Guimaraes family, who has been in the financial industry since 1930, controls the bank. The family began by establishing Banco de Credito Predial S.A. The commercial bank was later renamed and called Banco de Minas Gerais S.A and it offered its products to individuals as well as institutions. The bank initially focused on wholesale as well as consumer financing. It also provided financing services for both heavy and light vehicles. It performed exemplarily well and managed to be on top of the rest in this market.
In 1998, BMG concentrated on providing payrolls loans. Other banks used BMG as a benchmark for this kind of operation. BMG formed a joint venture in 2012 with Itau Unibanco after signing an association agreement. The joint venture was referred to as Banco Itau BMG Consingado S.A. Marcio Alaor, executive vice president of BMG, was very pleased with the formation of the joint venture as well as other stake holders of the company. In the same year, the two firms signed an agreement to unify their business and concentrate on payroll loan operations. This enabled BMG benefited from this unification of business as it was able to focus on payroll credit cards as part of a strategic plan. It also focused on BMG Empresas which dealt with financing of medium sized and large companies and suppliers of large economic group. It was also able to focus on financing of vehicles. Currently, BMG is a 40% owner of the total and voting capital stock while the remaining 60% is owned by Itau Unibanco.
The bank has accomplished a lot since it’s established under the leadership of Marcio Alaor and others. In the year 2010, the bank BMG recorded profits of R $606 million and had grown by 16% as compared to its previous year. In that same year, BMG recognized its management structure. It volunteered to adopt a high level corporate governance structure. This included having a board of directors, whereby forty percent were independent members. The bank also adopted committees who were involved in making decisions for the bank. They also had a code of ethics to govern their share holders. BMG also took the initiative of adopting independent audit and Anti-money laundering program. These are the efforts that BMG has taken to ensure its efficiency.

As the incorporation motion on Olympic Valley was pushed forward by its supporters, Andy Wirth was preparing to oppose strongly it. Andy Wirth is the founded the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, the firm that owns and manages two resorts, that is Squaw Valley Ski and Alpine Meadows both in Olympic Valley and also owns it. The Olympic Valley is a top world winter tourism attraction. The area us famous for its ski terrains which time and again have been named the best in the world. Skiing activities are the main tourist attraction in the area. The Olympic Valley tourism activities support the economy of the surrounding Lake Tahoe region. There are many local supporting businesses in the area which depends on tourism and the resorts for business.

Andy Wirth opposed the incorporation of Olympic Valley motion as a business person and also for the best interest of the people of Lake Tahoe. Andy Wirth is one of the most dedicated residents in the Lake Tahoe region. He gives both his time and support regarding finance to community initiated development projects in the area. Andy Wirth is a man who has a very kind heart. He is always inspired to help others in the society. He has founded various charity organizations that are dedicated to helping the less fortunate in the society. After he had survived a ski diving accident, Andy Wirth founded an Ironman team known ad Wounded Warrior Support. This team is made up of these Navy Seals friends that he met at Olympic Valley as they were training. The Wounded Warrior Support is aimed at helping Navy Seals returning home from service find a normal life. It also helps their families with some financial support to put them on the right track to move on. It also offers psychological support to veterans who had been to war and helped them adjust to the society. He is also the founder of a charity campaign that collects funds to donate to the Navy Seals Foundation, a charity known as the Crowdrise campaign.

The main reason Andy Wirth united with residents of Lake Tahoe area and opposed the incorporation motion on Olympic Valley was because it was going to lead to higher taxes in the region. These taxes were going to reflect negatively on the prices of commodities and services in this area, and this would discourage tourism activities. To add on this, the motion to incorporate Olympic Valley was going to deny the region road maintenance and snow clearing services on a regular basis. Bad roads would also discourage tourists from the area. The opposition the alliance between Andy Wirth together with the Lake Tahoe residents on the motion was too huge. The motion was dropped at the end of it all. Currently, businesses have resumed their operations in Olympic Valley in anticipation of a great tourism season.

Published in the Reno-Gazette Journal.

McDonald’s may have finally found the solution to reversing years of declining sales. The answer? The all-day breakfast promotion launched last year. Research showed there was enough of a demand for Egg McMuffins, sausage biscuits and hash browns around the clock. McDonald’s will offer a limited breakfast menu that is served after 10.30 am.

McDonald’s rolled the dice with the promotion much to the consternation of its franchisees. To the surprise of McDonald’s franchisees and industry observers, the gamble seems to be paying off. For the first time in the past two years, sales at McDonald’s locations in the United States, operating for at least 12 months, have risen in the fourth quarter. The bottom line? McDonald’s all-day breakfast promotion is driving its competitors into the ground, taking business away their business.

Confirming that McDonald’s was taking business away from other fast food establishments was a statement released by Jack in the Box CEO Lenny Comma. He commented “We also experienced weakness at breakfast and lunch throughout the quarter, which we attribute primarily to our decision to shift the timing of some of our promotional activity around breakfast to the second quarter as compared to the first quarter of last year.”

McDonald’s franchisees expressed skepticism when the all-day breakfast was launched, citing the promotion was a drag on the lunch and dinner menu operations. As the promotion got traction, franchisee concerns vanished as their sales rose. Franchisees toasted the promotion as a salvation.

Aside from Jack in the Box, industry analyst Howard Penney of Hedgeye Risk Management commented “The market is saying that Dunkin’ Donuts & Bojangles are the other companies impacted by the mighty McDonald’s all-day breakfast.” To Dunkin’ Donuts surprise, Q4 sales dropped 0.8%. Industry observers believe McDonald’s all-day breakfast could influence Dunkin’ Donuts Q1 & Q2 sales in 2016. Clifton Rutledge, Dunkin’ Donuts CEO confirmed that “McDonald’s has taken some share.”

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Madison Street Capital is a worldwide investment banking and financial services provider. Madison Street Capital provides financial advisory consultations, acquisition and merger advisories, banking and financial guidance and valuation services for their clients.

The original article by Reno Gazette Journal can be found here. The battle of incorporation of the olympic Valley has been getting hitting the news recently as Andy Wirth, the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Resort, is facilitating large amounts of resources to fight it. According to him the the services that people depend on in the community would be at risk as well as an increase in taxes. Both would be detrimental to the well being of the community as a whole. As well as possibly isolating the Olympic Valley from other communities of the north shore who have been known to bring together resources to address regional issues that threaten the economy. Andy Wirth believes it was a recipe for a fiscal disaster. The threat was a long term one for anyone operating a business in the area, from wine bar to ski area, all business were under threat. Those who were backing the incorporation said that Andy Wirth did not want local residents making decisions about land use, instead they wanted to influence supervisors of the Placer County, which live in Sacramento Suburbs. This was all according to Fred Ilfield an incorporation drive organizer. Andy Wirth however denied the allegations and said that both sides both spent and raised large amounts of money to push their agenda’s. The incorporation was halted in favour of Andy Wirth and he believes that the community can now work together and come up with solutions to current problems and transportation matters. He believes they should come together for the greater good of Olympic Valley and focus on a bright future for both young and old.

Andy Wirth has big plans for the Olympic Valley and its residents. Plans are to construct a gondola service which would realize the dreams of countless skiers and snowboarders who have attended the area for decades. In a recent interview Andy Wirth was asked several questions concerning the long term plans for Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley and he believes that things are still being addressed but the main focus for the future will be to improve on the snow service levels. Efforts will be made to improve the quality of the product, the quality of the experience as well as the quality of the service that they provide.

A further questions asked was if the development had any downsides to it and Andy Wirth responded by saying that some people believe it will harm the original history, heritage, legacy and vibe of the mountain but the real question is how do we intend to manage and protect it.